NCS the Challenge week

Felt privileged to work with NSC this week.
Day one we discussed the asylum system and how people are treated. Garden members, facilitated by Almamy gave stories and asked challengees to campaign on issues important to their hearts.

They had a tour of the garden learning about how activities provide food, give stress relief and community support to members, as well as involving local communities.

The following day they came back after working hard on a drama performance, putting into action the stories from the previous day. They fell in the ocean on the journey, were arrested on arrival and excluded from society. It was a apt and well understood message.

Today they came back and helped us prepare the garden for our open day next week. Everyone pulled together, working really hard, there was weeding, sanding, varnishing, clearing and lots of tea and some car park football!

We also now have a snapchat and instagram Kushinga account- something young ones are apparently all into, not facebook and twitter like old people like me!!

A big thanks to everyone from NCS, and everyone at Kushinga who came to the skill days, attended the drama performance and workday today.

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